Automate customer service with ChatBot within 10 minutes.

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ChatBot platform works with your favorite tools

Connect the tools you already know and love with your chat bot using one-click integrations.


Organize conversations with stories.
Stories are an intuitive way to tell the bot how to react to different situations. Create Stories for frequent questions and cases to save more time for the difficult ones


Tell the bot what to do in different situations.
Choose from a range of actions the bot can take when dealing with a customer. From a simple text answer to providing a CTA right in the chat window.

3rd party integrations

ChatBot works with your favorite tools.
Connect your bot to Facebook, Slack, Chat widget or LiveChat with just one click. New integrations coming each month!


Go beyond. Just text with buttons, images and cards.
Why limit yourself to text only? The bot can reply with images, cards or buttons that can lead to products on your website or put things straight into customers’ carts.

Conversation Archives

Use previous conversations to improve your stories.
See how your bot is doing by looking up its conversation history. Follow the course of each conversation and make tweaks to your Stories.

Live Testing

Test the bot on the fly to iron out the details.
Use the in-app chat to test the bot before launch. This will allow you to make sure your Stories work as intended without putting them on your website.

Robust API

Go beyond what’s in the box.
Want even more tools? Go crazy with the ChatBot API and allow the bot to take virtually any action using all kinds of 3rd party tools.
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